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GTA 2016, One & 3-stars Gold prize & 2016 OLYMP awards Gold & Silver prize winners !!

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Honey is an aromatic viscose liquid, coming from the nectar of plants collected by honey bees (genus Apis) converted into a thicker liquid, a primary food source for winter. They store it in wax honeycomb cells inside their beehives and evaporate it down to 14-18° Celcius.

Honey contains 75-78% saacharides (primarily fructose, glucose and sucrose). Its low moisture levels prevents the development of micro-organisms.

Supreme quality, Standard wild thyme raw honey (2 gold stars GTA 2016 award):

The outstanding quality Hasapis raw wild thyme honey, is collected from the thymus grown in Skandali village area, Southern of Lemnos island, during June.

According to the floral origin of honey, analogous crystallization is present, leaving unaffected both, its ingredients and its quality. Crystallization is evident due the analogy of fructose/ glucose, which are used as a prevision pointer of the phaenomenon of crystallisation. When the pointer is about, crystallisation speeds-up.

Our honey products are sold in 270gr / 9,52oz glass jars.

The antiseptic and antioxidant properties of honey, rich in microminerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium etc. were well known since antiquity. Thyme honey is enhanced by its unique amber colour, the aroma and its unique flavor.

In the case of wild thyme honey, crystallisation is natural. To decrystallise it, put the jar in hot water 45-50°C and agitate slowly until it brings back its liquidity. Alternatively you can consume it as it is, crystallised.

Supreme quality, Wild thyme raw honey and wildflowers (1 gold star GTA 2016 award):

2-star Gold prize GTA 2016 winner & 1 Gold prize at OLYMP AWARDS 2016 !
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1-star Gold prize GTA 2016 winner & 1 Silver prize at OLYMP AWARDS 2016 !

Honey Hasapis business, participated in the international Great Taste Awards (GTA UK) 2015-6, and Panhellenic OLYMP awards 2016 competitions which awarded his products with Gold & Silver prizes for the "Supreme raw wild thyme honey with wildflowers from Limnos island (Greece)" and the "Supreme raw wild thyme honey from Limnos island" products !

We dedicate all our awards to our exceptional customers and fans who loved our products and encouraged us to their perfection !

HoneyLimnos: Bees carrying pollen in in the entrance of their beehive.